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Trixi Field at the piano

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Essential Reads

"The Alexander Technique: Freedom in Thought and Action" an excellent e-book by Tasha Miller and David Langstroth, Directors of Alexander Technique Atlantic and published by Nous Publishing.

This is a book not just for musicians, actors, performers - but for everyone wishing to improve the quality of everything they do, the quality of their functioning, their health...their whole life. I had the privilege of taking lessons with Tasha in the late 80s and most of the 90s while she was still in the UK and cannot recommend her inspiring approach to the Alexander Technique enough.

Whether or not you are taking lessons in AT, or are yourself an AT teacher, this is a thought-provoking must-read. Visit the Alexander Technique Atlantic site to obtain your copy, and to find out more about the excellent work taking place there.

Online bookshops

Music Schools, Other Courses, Course Venues & Counselling Services ,for classes in Yoga, Iyengyar Yoga, sessions in Alexander Technique & Cranio Sacral therapy with Sarah Davey. Sarah is our resident yoga teacher at the Agistri retreats in Greece. (See diary page for info on the next retreat).

Rosy's Little Village, a wonderful venue on the magical isle of Agistri overlooking the beautiful Saronic Sea - where Trixi runs her week-long Song Meditation workshops - see diary for the next one! Fabulous just for holidays, for the workshops and courses that take place there, or as a wonderful and very reasonably priced place to hold your own holiday courses!

The, a rock music workshop school for kids run by the inspired and inspiring Andy Fleet plus other first-rate musician-tutors. See this site also for information on adultzrockmusic!

The Oxford School of Music, where Trixi formerly taught. An excellent team of teachers for students in the Oxfordshire area. Excellent tutor site - find tutors for all kinds of subjects, and read articles published on this site by the tutors listed. Excellent courses for people who wish to experience the healing power of sound, and training courses for healers and therapists who wish to use sound as part of their healing practice. yoga holidays in Crete which also incorporate other workshops such as massage, salsa, voice, swimming, walking, other bodywork, etc

Skyros holistic holidays in Greece, Isle of Wight and Thailand with many courses and workshops on offer

Sites of interest for singers: Site of teachers & practitioners of natural voice, events and resources

Anton Browne jazz singer and vocal educationalist with excellent CDs for singers) Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique. AT training is, in Trixi's humble opinion, absolutely essential in all walks of life and expecially so for anyone in the performing arts. Through this site, you can find a teacher in your area.

And if you're planning a trip abroad and would like to combine this with intensive Alexander Technique, how about Canada? That's where you'll find the Alexander Technique Atlantic Center. For more information


Steve Waterman (jazz trumpet)

Nick Weldon (jazz piano)

Trudy Kerr (singer)

Norma Winstone (singer)

Anita Wardell (singer) (James Hughes, percussionist)

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