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Autumn 2016
Busy schedule? Not got as much time to practise as you'd like? This is where making a clear decision on what you'd like to improve is useful. 10 minutes working thoughtfully on something that you'd like to improve is better than 45 minutes bashing thoughtlessly through everything "just to get it done". If there's two or three bars bugging you, just spend some time focusing your attention on those - not just doing what you've always done, but carefully working out what needs to be done.

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Information about Private Tuition
Trixi offers tuition in all styles of keyboard/piano for all ages, recorders for children, jazz for beginners, voice, improvisation, composition, general theory and musicianship. She believes in a rounded music education which involves learning to read music and playing by ear, learning other people's music and creating your own.

Most importantly, learning to sing or play a musical instrument should be an enjoyable activity and not a chore.

Activities designed to build musical skills and confidence, and to inspire enjoyment and laughter are an important feature of her tuition style.

Tuition for adults....

....and kids!
Young or old, experienced or a beginner, Trixi is happy to provide tuition for you. You can learn jazz or classical, and you're welcome to work towards ABRSM examinations, LCM, Trinity Guildhall, Rockschool or Victoria Board examinations if you so wish. Pupils prepared for examination by Trixi tend to enjoy exceptional success.
An enjoyable approach to singing and vocal production, where you can learn songs of your choice - you can even try vocal improvisation. Trixi covers issues such as vocal health, overcoming tension and developing self confidence. You can work towards LCM exams for popular vocals or musical theatre, or Rockschool vocals exams if you wish. Pupils prepared for exams by Trixi tend to enjoy exceptional success.
Musicianship for Jazz Singers
There's more to being a jazz singer than having a great voice! If you're new to working with combos, this course covers how to put together and nurture a good relationship with your band, communicating intros, endings, tempos and grooves with confidence to your band, providing charts in your chosen keys for your band, and building repertoire.
Recorder Tuition for Children
Trixi also offers recorder both for young children who are just starting out in music, or for players who have already learned the rudiments and would like to develop their playing. You can work towards Trinity Guildhall recorder exams if you so wish.

To contact Trixi about private one-to-one tuition, click on:

Information about workshops

Details on any forthcoming workshops in the UK or Greece are listed in the Diary page.

Primary school children raising the roof!

Voice workshop sessions on a sunny terrace in Greece

Trixi also offers private workshops in:

voice work for adults
voice work for primary schools
voice work for choirs
setting your poetry to music
song meditation

To find out how your group can have its own workshop contact Trixi on

Testimonials from pupils & colleagues

"One of the most resourceful teachers in the UK."
(Principal of the Oxford School of Music)

"Trixi has made my initial lessons both challenging and dynamic, but never pushing me out of my depth, and through all of this she has approached it with her great sense of humour and fun."
(Tim, former private student, Aston Clinton,)

"Your unflagging enthusiasm and ingenuity have helped me move back into musical thinking. Were I young enough to have another family, I would certainly send them to you."

(Stephen, former private student and workshop participant, Oxford)

"Trixi has a lovely, patient style of teaching which is particularly well suited for the nervous or young student. Even so she is able to encourage students to high achievement, with a strong coaching aspect which is essential for performers. My daughter started jazz piano from scratch and had a Distinction in Grade 2 within 2.5 years! "
(Peta, mother of former private jazz piano student, Oxford)

"Trixi Field was recommended to me by a friend and I went to my first lesson in trepidation. I had just retired and found time to put some old ghosts to bed. I had a serious singing hang-up from my earliest days at Primary School, so much so that it brought a cold fear to me whenever I was in a situation that required communal singing, even if that would be just at a Party singing Happy Birthday !! I would get hot and clammy and want to escape. Trixi was very patient with me and within no time at all I was really looking forward to my weekly lesson and a good old sing. She put me at my ease and made me realise that my situation was not so freakish as I had imagined as she had helped loads of people with similar problems. She was excellent at teaching me about my voice and getting me to use it properly without fear. Trixi gave me confidence. I have since joined a community choir and also a local folk group. I shall miss you Trixi and will always be so grateful I had the courage to make that first telephone call to you! "
(Ruthie, former private voice student, Hemel Hempstead)

"My daughters have been taught piano by Trixi for several years and have loved her lessons, my older daughter has just passed her Grade 1 exam. She also had singing lessons with Trixi which she thoroughly enjoyed and went onto passing her Grade 1 exam in popular music. Trixi is a lovely lady with a friendly, calming personality which her students love! We were sorry to lose her when she moved away! "
(Catherine, mother of two former private student, Watford)

"I was lucky enough to attend one of Trixi's singing workshops, and I still remember it fondly. It was a drop-in format, where people could join and leave, but I stayed till the end - I didn't want it to finish! Trixi is not only a very well-rounded expert in her field - to which she's contributed with her own publications - but she's the most pleasant, humorous, warm, understanding, encouraging teacher you could wish for. Fear evaporates. You forget to feel self-conscious, and give in to enthusiasm and joy instead. Is there a more positive, promising basis than that, to obtain the results you hope for? Trixi's teaching is far from stuffy, notionistic, or daunting. She uses materials she's developed herself, her explanations are wonderfully clear, and she is sensitive to the wishes and needs of her students. With Trixi you're in safe hands. Just relax, let her knowledge and experience guide you, her passion infect you, and enjoy the learning process! "
(Allie, former voice workshop participant, Wales)

"Trixi is unique - a few simple words, but she enhanced my enjoyment of life with her approach, enthusiasm, humour and subject matter knowledge. "
(Clive, former voice and piano student, Herts)

Trixi's Qualifications

Trixi has an MA in music education, an MEd (University of Wales) and a DipLCM (London College of Music). She has also taken post-graduate courses in creative music making in education (Orff Institute, Mozarteum, Austria) and jazz voice, jazz piano & composition (Trinity College of Music, London).

An experienced tutor in keyboard/piano and voice, a fully-qualified Sound Healing Practitioner and Tutor for the College of Sound Healing, a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners' Network (NVPN) and the International Piano Teachers Group. Trixi is also a regular workshop leader in voice, songwriting and meditation through sound and song, and has run courses in Greece for Skyros, Liberato and Yoga Plus as well as running independent retreats.

She has worked within GCE/GCSE awarding bodies and undertaken scrutinies of UK awarding bodies on behalf of the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Trixi holds a certificate of Enhanced Disclosure.


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