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Trixi Field at the piano

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I was one of those lucky individuals that grew up surrounded by music, spending most of my spare time in childhood making music together with my siblings. Trained in classical piano, I was something of a rebellious little elf. I drove my piano teachers crazy, never sticking to the printed music, memorizing everything as soon as possible and then developing my own version.

As a teenager I sang a lot, in choirs and as a soloist, singing pop, country, blues and some standards I'd hear on the radio. I did the rounds of summer festivals, parties, care homes and functions in and around the County of Cheshire, with my brother Hans.

Some years later Hans rang me up to say he was in a jazz trio, and did I want to sing with them. I'd never sung jazz before so I got my hands on as many recordings as I could: Ella, Billie, Dee Dee, Betty Carter, Astrud Gilberto, Blossom Dearie, Norma Winstone, Lee Gibson to name but a small handful that attracted my attention. These wonderful individuals opened the way to a whole new world of possibilities. Our first little gig was a great success. We filled a hall and the seeds of my career as a singer and composer were sown. Hans and I have since gone our separate ways and developed differently but it was this experience that first helped me to discover and delight in the repertoire available to the jazz singer. I am unashamedly fond of songs and I love that exciting moment when another one makes my spine tingle, and I know I just have to add it to my repertoire.

Solo gig, Cardiff

With jazz pianist,Charles Brereton;

Solo gig, Oswestry

I took up writing my own songs again (tunes and lyrics) in 1997 and tried them out in my first quasi-solo gig in front of an international audience in cafes in Munich, organised (and sometimes accompanied) by Hans, who had moved there some years before. The performances went down well and I took this to be a strong sign to take the plunge, give up my day job and go professional. So that's what I did. Trixi Field & Friends started gigging around the Oxford area; I wrote songs and recorded some of them on my first album "Green" with a motley crew of musicians including top UK trumpeter Steve Waterman, double bassist Paul Moylan and pianist Martin Pickett, and released it in early 2000. The next couple of years were a busy time gigging for private functions and publicly around Oxford, London, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff and Greece.

Greenwich, London - with Greek jazz guitarist Andreas Hatjimanolis.

In 2001 I decided to go back to school and joined Trinity College of Music in London for a year's individual study, and enjoyed voice training with Trudy Kerr and Anton Browne, jazz piano with Nick Weldon and composition with John A Thomas.

At that time, my compositions also started to reach a wider audience. I wrote music for a DVD game for the DreamWorks "Shrek" DVD released in November 2001. The game (and my music with it) was also included on the American edition of Newline Cinema's "Goldmember" and Stuart Little, Bare Naked Ladies, Girls Aloud CD (summer release), the CD Roms Videohit I, Videohit II, and Movie-Karaoke American Pie (US only). My children's songs "Blue Brother Jake" and "Mobile Phone Boogie" were included in the prestigious Festival of Voices, and performed at Dorchester Abbey and Wembley Arena by massed children's choirs in front of audiences of around 2000.

I received certificates of honour in the John Lennon Song-writing Competition for my songs, ("Chance") and ("Harry's Waterside Bar", from my "Green" CD).

I've had the privilege of working with some wonderful musicians, including Steve Waterman, Dave Cliff, Dominic Ashworth, Lee Gibson, Trudy Kerr, Anita Wardell, Paul Moylan and Charles Brereton amongst others.

Since 2013 I've lived in North Shropshire where I have a buoyant teaching practice, play piano with Tribeca jazz trio, baritone (and sometimes bass) Ukulele with The Ukey Monster as well as playing my own solo piano/vocal gigs, or accompanying other singers. I enjoy a buoyant teaching practice and feel very privileged to live in a beautiful rural area that is just overflowing with enormous talent in all kinds of creative spheres, which means there is a good number of high-quality music/arts festivals going on all year round. It's an inspiring environment in which to live and work!

Soloing in Oswestry

One girl and her uke!

Solo gig, Oswestry


I taught classical piano from 1983 to around 1988, resumed teaching (jazz) piano in 1998 and took up teaching jazz voice in 1999, rapidly building a healthy practice. Now I teach piano, voice, composition, and lyric writing and offer support for students taking GCSE and A level music, and for jazz singers who can sing well but are still developing the skill of leading a combo and developing repertoire. Whilst I was living in the Oxford area I was a member of the Oxford School of Music group of teachers.

I used to work regularly as a voice workshop facilitator for the Skyros company on the beautiful island of Skyros, where I also performed a mixture of my own songs and standards. I spent a season as Musical Director for Musical Youth Company, an Oxford-based organisation of talented young singers. I have also facilitated for Liberato on the island of Agistri and regularly run Song Meditation workshops for Yoga Plus on Crete. Recently I have begun to offer independent Singing/Song Meditation and Yoga Workshops in Agistri with yoga teacher Sarah Davey. In the UK too, I organise and run workshops for people of all ages and currently facilitate a music group for Herts Mind Network.

As a result of my experience as a workshop leader I have written a number of materials for groups of singers/choirs/schools. My songs have been used for the OUP's "Junior Voiceworks" ("Blue Brother Jake") and the "Sing-Up" Songbank ("Song Train"). My book of children's songs "Jazzicle Pops!" is now available from Trixi's Storefront @ and other online bookstores. Inamongst the work I have written/composed: a book for people who are unsure of their voice but would like to improve it ("Your Song Your Joy"), a book of recorder repertoire for early learners ("Twenty Totally Tootable Tunes"), books of rounds and chants ("Blues All Round" and "Harmonic Echoes") and a classical crossover piano suite ("Songs of the Meres") inspired by the beautiful North Shropshire meres & mosses where I live. More songs and music are on the way... For more information contact me directly at: .

Hosting Singers' Night at the Doghouse, Frilford Heath, near Abingdon

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